May 28, 2004

Sports Rant!

The Lakers are on a roll. There, I said it -- after resisiting all year, I said it. I don't think they're a lock yet to win it all, but with the way they've played the past couple nights, Minnesota's got to get much more aggresive. They ought to win Game 5, where the calls have been MUCH better (on both sides), but winning Game 6 at L.A. is not going to be easy.

That said, I still think Minnesota wins it. Sure, I'm being stubborn, but Kevin Garnett has answered the bell every time the media rings it. They'll win Game 5 at home, then eek by in Game 6 by less than 5. Garnett will step up in Game 7, much like he did against Sacromento.

Baseball! Can we PLEASE lay off the doom and gloom for the Braves? Yes, they're right at .500; ok, they're in third place in the division -- big deal. We're only a third of the way into the season and have yet to lock into a set line-up (though the lineup from Thursday seems to to be the best, save the injury to Marcus Giles. Granted, this is said from a longtime fan, but after 12 straight division titles, I've learned not to doubt Bobby Cox. Also, Mark DeRosa's on a seven game hitting streak! Keep it up, Mark!

Also, how bout them Dores! They're currently in the driver's seat, 2-0 in the double elimination tournament, with a bye this afternoon, playing the winner of the UGa/UF game, both of whom they've shut out al ready in the tournament. Not too shabby considering this is only their second tourney in appearance in 8 years. Somebody give Coach Jeff Corbin a raise!

Think I'm off base? Care to disagree? Just plain think i'm an idiot? Post a comment!!


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