October 22, 2004

Letter to SI

Here's a letter I wrote to SI about an article written by Kelley King titled, "Again, the BCS Gets It Wrong". I'm posting it because it has no shot of making it to the actual magazine. Agree, disagree, think I'm a pompous ass? Post a response or shoot me an email (as always, michaelponeill2003@yahoo.com) -- I'd really like to know if I am indeed alone in this....

Dearest SI,

I have yet to understand what the big beef is with the BCS, and why everyone seems to think that it's "wrong." Is it because the results of computer analysis of facts differs from the opinions showcased in two sets of College Football polls? Let's not forget that the polls are essentially the media and coaches saying, "I like this team better." Whether it be based on fact or not, it's still an opinion shared amongst media members/coaches. In my mind, that ranking has more "vagaries" than the "confounded system" that is blind to tradition, doesn't see endless replays of showy catches, and shows no allegiance to any conference or team when computing which team has acheived the most success.

The media need to climb down from their ivory tower lest they forget how wrong their preseason polls and Heisman selections end up being.

Michael O'Neill
Indianapolis, IN


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