October 07, 2004

Somewhat on schedule...

After a pounding from the Astros, you'd think I'd be pretty bummed about the playoffs so far. Even after the Yankees came from behind in the 12th inning, I ain't skerred. Right now, I'm on track for each series, and most things are playing out the way I thought they would...

Boston is actually the exception in this case. The game was better until the 8th inning or so, but they're kicking butt and taking names in Anaheim. PWS, as Pedro ignores the "slump" the press has been so big on lately -- at least HE knows that the playoffs are totally seperate from the regular season! Friday's game should be a close one, but it's gonna be tough for Anaheim to beat Boston at Fenway when they're on such a roll. I think my prediction of 5 games is off -- this series won't make it back to the West Coast.

The Yankees won in dramatic fashion last night after a manager left a pitcher in for too long (though I would've done the very same thing, don't get me wrong). I asked for echoes of Pedro yesterday -- it happened a game too late, I suppose. Still, the Twins are in the driver's seat. They've got a much better pitcher coming up in Game 3, and if the Metrodome staff is smart, they'll break out those white hankies that drive opposing teams nuts.... I'll stick with my 4-game prediction, thinking the Twins will sweep the Yankees at home.

To the NL -- well, the Braves are behind. However, it's just 1-0, and I would've been ecstatic to beat the Rocket in the playoffs in the first place. The Game 1 business is bunk -- he's a fantastic pitcher no matter what game. We had a LOT of chances to make it a better game in the first four innings, but didn't get the 2-out hits we needed. Houston seemed to get every 2-out hit they needed, and took advantage of every situation that Atlanta couldn't -- that was the difference in the ball game. I think if we can get as many people on base early as we did today, we can win the ballgame and win big. Still on pace to win in four, but I'm not going to be shocked if the series ends up back in Atlanta for Game 5.

Ah, the Cards. They get to showcase how good they are and how miserable the Dodgers are on national television tonight. Hopefully this'll be the game where Gagne blows the save for all to see that's he the most over-rated closer in the game today. With or without Gange, the Cards win, and will make the trip to L.A. a short one.

Cards up 1-0 (on track)
Yanks/Twins tied 1-1 (on track)
Braves down 0-1 (on track)
Red Sox up 2-0 (better than on track)

Lots of games to play, but I still like my chances.


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