June 05, 2006

I hate being right so often...

From an April 7th post in The Middle:

"Let's not forget that there are still seven months until the elections, which is plenty of time to bring up the controversial issues that key in on voters' beliefs rather than objectivity. Up til now, we've been dealing with issues that don't really favor the right wing (mainly the war & the fact that the Bush/Cheney administration may indeed have had something to with the CIA leak). But let's not forget that the abortion and homosexual marriage debates have been mostly on hold in DC, aside from the bevy of never-ending protests, making the fews moments without them seem non-routine these days, I'm sure. Rest assured that there will debates in Congress (and subsequently, the nation) on the topics towards the middle of summer and gaining steam into the fall."

This morning, this article could be found in the Indianapolis Star. Comments (or fuel to the fire, if you will) forthcoming.


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