September 17, 2007

Another great author passes away

Robert Jordan, longtime contributor to the Conan series and creator of the epic Wheel of Time series passed away last night. He'd suffered nearly two years from primary amyloidosis with cardiomyopathy, which reportedly has a very low rate of curing. While my first thoughts went to his family as well as the loss of one of the great fantasy writers, I soon started to realize something terrible.

He never finished the Wheel of Time.

This is tragic for two (ok, many, but I'll only expound on two) reasons -- the first being it was his life's passion, and became one of the cornerstones of modern fantasy. He started it 16 years ago and will never know the satisfaction of seeing it completed or know the reaction of his readers to the final climax. The second is far more selfish. If you've ever read the series, you know that it can drag on (and on and on) at times, and I hate that the payoff (which was building to a great crescendo in the more recent books) won't be coming from his hand. The good news on that front, however, is that it sounds like he has written most of it and has revealed the major plot points to those who will complete the final volume.

That said, though, my selfish regret is a mustard seed compared to the enormity of the void created by his passing.

Rest in peace, Robert -- may your death indeed be lighter than a feather.


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