July 06, 2007

New post!! Holy crap!

I've been very negligent of this blog recently, and to the four of you who still read this, I apologize profusely.

However, I have some fun news for you! I've been asked to write for Vandymania this fall and cover the Vanderbilt football games in person -- that means I'll be in the press box or on the field as the game goes on, which is tremendously exciting for me. Don Yates, the fella that runs the site, has also graciously offered to pay me for my time, which is most excellent as I can officially call myself a semi-professional sportswriter now! :)

As such, I've printed business cards, so if you would like one, please feel free to email me so that I can mail you one when they arrive. They reference the websites that I'm currently writing for, as well as a new blog that I've set up to archive my articles -- Michael O'Neill Journalism Feel free to check there weekly, as I'm hoping that as soon as an article of mine gets published, it will amgically appear there.

I may be branching out and covering other events in the near future (Brickyard 400, Indiana Pacers, Tennessee Titans), and will update both this blog and the sports one as soon as I find out for certain.


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Jay said...

Hey Mike, the link doesn't work! I get a blogger 404 error whenever I click it.

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Fixed! The raw link is mikeoneillsports.blogspot.com

Many mea culpas!!


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