February 19, 2005

I hate Ashley Judd.

Just had to say it. I wish that Kentucky fans and ESPN would focus more on basketball than the fact that Judd (who is a terrible actress to begin with) went to UK and can't stand not having the camera on her.

K, I'm done. Let's talk... SEC Basketball.

Interesting conference this year -- some pundits say it's down, but think it's about the same it always is, they just didn't step it up in the non-conference season. Maybe the teams were too young, coaches not settled in enough, whatever -- they've shown that they have a LOT of good teams playing in the conference, and I'd put the teams top to bottom against any conference in the country ('cept for the ACC. I'm proud, but not stupid).

As I'm typing this, Lorence Roberts -- by far the best player in the SEC and the heart and soul of the Bulldogs -- hurt his knee going for a rebound. Quickie diagnosis from Dr. Meagan says he may have hurt his LCL, and if he's torn anything, that could end his season. That has a HUGE impact on the season, as some people had them as the fifth team in the NCAA's before this game.

As a Vandy alum, you know I'm hoping for a return to the Dance, especially after the excitement we created last year, upsetting NC State and advancing to the Sweet 16. They're one of seven teams with a legitimate shot at making it. Here's how it stands at the moment:

UK: In. If they win the SEC Tourney, a #1 seed.

Bama: In. They could land a #3 if they keep playing well and make it at least to the finals of the SECs.

LSU: Almost there. Two big wins this week put them at 8-4 in conference play and two games ahead of MSU. I don't think they'll lose that lead (esp. with Roberts out for ANY period of time, it's too late in the season). You never know, though.

UF: Not so fast. Had a huge loss today at LSU, pulling them to 8-4. They've got a rough stretch ahead, with three of four teams in the hunt for the Dance, plus Georgia on the road -- seems like a laugher, but ANY team in SEC is hard to beat on their home court.

VU: Coming on. Two big wins, one a comeback that became a blowout on the road, the other a great performance against a dangerous Arkansas team. The Dores seem to be turning it on at the right time, just as they did last year. Mario Moore is coming out of a funk and Foster is quickly becoming one of the best freshmen in the league.

USC: Dangerous. Great team that will be trouble for Vandy. I honestly don't know a lot about them, but they seem to be a hot-cold kind of team (a lot like Vandy). Case in point: Lose to Auburn, then beat UK. Should make for a fun last four games.

MSU: Falling. Ranked earlier in the season, but injuries cause them to fall from the rankings. They've lost two straight, and they may not have Roberts for a little while, which would be a HUGE blow for there chances.

There you go -- the seven teams with a shot at the dance. I'll give the nod to UK, Bama, and LSU, leaving two spots for four teams. Here's the fun part -- Florida, USC and Vandy all play each other in in the last four games of the season. I think if any team sweeps both of the others, they're in.

Vandy at UF Wednesday, UF at USC Saturday, USC at Vandy the next Wednesday. If Florida wins even one, I think that they should be in, but I'm not sure if they will. If they don't, they have to beat Georgia on the road AND UK at home to make 10 conference wins, which seems to be the magic number into the tourney. Lose either of those as well, and they have no more than 9 wins and are probably tied (if not surpassed) by VU or USC for 2nd in the conference as opposed to having it all on their own AND a downswing in momentum which the tourney committees never look favorably upon. They still have the advantage, though, as they're two games ahead of both teams and will probably be invited in the fourth spot -- just don't stamp their ticket quite yet.

I think the battle for the fifth spot lies between VU and USC. I just don't see MSU as a lock, especially with two road games, a rivalry game, and a game v. Bama as their last four -- not easy competition, esp. without Roberts. As far as VU-USC goes, they have the game against each other, game v. UF, a tricky home game (VU v. UGA, USC v. Ole Miss) plus a scary road game (VU v LSU, USC v UT). I don't see an edge either way.

It's gonna be a fun last two weeks of the season, and hope the Dores can come out on top and keep their dancing shoes on for another year!


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