September 14, 2005

Meme-ing. The only reason to blog these days

10 years ago -- 14 and just starting high school as a shy, know-nothing freshman. Amazed that in marching band we'd be making shapes on the field like they do in college! I think this was around the time I started coming out of my shell around the church gang and developing a love of music.

5 years ago -- Sophomore in college. Weird year. First year I had a same-room roommate (who was a saint in his tolerence of my messiness), Drill Instructor of the Year, Ramen Ramen Ramen, my return to the Lewis and first forays into drinking. Um, I mean studying hard. Only year I got to spend both semesters in choir and absolutely loved it. Women's basketball beats UT in Memphis en route to nearly winning the SEC tournament, then upsets Iowa State to make it to the Elite Eight.

1 year ago -- Just married in a crappy apartment, with a crappy job, helping Meagan make through med school in the very few ways that I can.

Yesterday -- Stressed out over a meeting the next day. Beat Stanford 49-7 with Vanderbilt (haven't lost on this game yet, and neither have the real Dores. Coincidence? I think not.)

5 snacks I enjoy:
Graham crackers
Baby Carrots
Edy's Dreamery Ice Cream
Ritz Chips

5 songs I know all the words to:
Piano Man, Billy Joel
Center of Attention, Guster
Under the Table and Dreaming (yep, the whole album), Dave Matthews Band
Jave Jive, Manhattan Transfer
Falling for the First Time, BNL

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars
Buy a huge television and every video game/system from now until the end of time.
Write novels without the fear of starving.
Buy a Bach Strat and play in a community band with my wife.
Play golf. Lots and lots of golf.
Donate money to the American Cancer Society and Spirit of Gold Marching band.

5 things I would never wear
popped collar

5 bad habits
video games
arriving somewhere late
not doing chores
driving fast

5 favorite toys
Devil sticks
Board games
poker table/chips

5 people to annoy:

1. Nando
2. Bigg Jay
3. Rebecca
4. Justin (yeah, I know -- no blog, but everyone else has been hit)
5. You! Haha!


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