June 08, 2006

Triathlons are HARD, Week 3

Man, I've put myself in a hole. With Meagan being gone for the weekend, I had no training partner and didn't have a great desire to work out, especially after being diagnosed with a sprained foot. It was something that happened a few weeks ago; I was holding our 55-pound dog Ozzie to prevent her from bolting out the door after my in-laws had stopped by for a visit, and she thrashed hard enough to elude my grasp and land with all of her weight along the side of my foot, squashing it against the floor. It hadn't really bothered me, but I was worried about run training, so I had it checked to make sure it wasn't broken. It's just a sprain, but it's going to make me focus more right now on the swim/bike aspect than the run for a couple more weeks. I'm a little concerned, but I'm doing my best not to lose focus -- if Lance Armstrong can trek across France after having cancerous testicles, surely I can trek across Eagle Creek Park with a little pain in my foot.

But my training was not up to par. I did a bit of walking with the dog one night, but other than that it was mostly working on abs and core, and I don't think I did anything near the level of what had been done in the training sessions. This week's going to feature a lot of swimming due to the foot, and I have a lot of ground to make up.

Eating has gone very, very well. Even with Meagan gone, I ate plenty of fruits and whole grains (thanks in large part to those being the only things we had in the house). My only slip-up was getting a pizza at the bar while playing poker, BUT it was a chicken basil pesto pizza with low-fat cheese. Voluntarily getting low-fat cheese on a pizza -- what have I become??

I'm giving myself a big push this week -- next week's training is a brick (two phases instead of just one); swimming followed by biking. They talked about starting with a 300-500m continuous swim, and I'm only confident with a continuous swim of a third of the least of that range. I was planning on doing a big swim push this week with my foot being hurt, anyway, but next week's training really galvanized by want to get to where I need to be to finish this thing next month. It's gonna be a lot of work, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.


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