December 06, 2006

A Christmas Letter

Dearest Friends and Family,

Well, another year up and gone. I honestly can't seem to remember just where these past twelve months, but here we are, December again.

It has been a great year for our family. Meagan is doing very well in her third year (she recently got yet ANOTHER Honors grade for one of her clinical rotation, and Mike's job is going well, complete with a well-received audit last week.

Outside of the school/work drudgery, we've done a lot this year. In January, we joined a church in town, with Mike joining the choir and Meagan soon to follow later that year. In the summer, we moved into our very first house, complete with fenced in yard and two-car (but just barely two cars) garage. Since then, we've been focused on unpacking, which is going well -- this past week-end we were finally able to park both cars inside!

We've both done our best to stay active as well. Meagan and Mike trained for and ran a triathlon in July. A short time after that, Mike was unofficially named Co-Rookie of the Season for the church softball team, which won the league title! Meagan has done very well keeping up with workouts and staying in shape -- Mike, on the other hand, though playing basketball with co-workers every week, has been content to sit on his ever-expanding posterior and play video games.

Next year holds a lot of promise for us. We plan on running the Mini-Marathon in May, and there's a slim chance we might get back into the triathlon swing come summertime. Mike is poondering another writing class over the winter, and Meagan has been selected to spend a two month clinical rotation in Eldoret, Kenya to work in a mission hospital. She absolutely thrilled, and Mike is very excited for her as well.

The pets are doing well and have adjusted to the house quite nicely. Eliott and Fred have many more places to hide, and Ozzie loves having a backyard in which to romp around and bug all of our neighbors by barking to no end.

Again, it's been a good year. Both of us are excited about where we are in work/school and have enjoyed being active outside of those areas. We're slowly learning the joys and pains of being homeowners, and we're looking forward to next year being our first calendar year as a married couple which doesn't involve moving!

All our love,
Mike and Meagan


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