October 27, 2006

Guess who I'm proud of?

First, here's an article that I'm proud of: Mike and Jay Football Picks!

But, that aside, can you guess who these flowering reviews from various medical facualty are describing?

"Outstanding job. I hope she considers Internal Medicine. She will be a very good intern."

"[She] has shown a very strong knowledgable base, good confidence. Does quite well for the first rotation of the third year."

"[She] was a very responsible, conscientious and bright medical student. I was impressed with her knowledge and clinical skills. She will make a great internand I think she would be a great addition to Internal Medicine if she chooses."

"[She] was a delight to work with. She is bright and easy to get along with. She was genuinely interested in patient care."

"[She] performed very well on this month. She is highly motivated and prepared well for the case discussions. Her clincal skills and knowledge base are very good for her level of training."

"[Her] performance was above expectations. Her clinical skills are solid, and she starting to develop appropriate treatment plans. Her knowledge base is good and improving. She actively participated in case discussions, and her write-ups were complete."

"[She] did very well for so early in her third year. She did a good job of interviewing patients and dfoing presentations. She was always interested and developed good differentials."

"[She] shows great promise as an early third-year medical student. One of the best I've worked with at this stage. She is very mature and poised and emanates a confident approach to patient evaluation. She is highly prompt and professional and communicates well with patients. She shows a clinical judgement that is excellent for her stage of training. Knowledge base good. Oral presentations were clear and well-organized. She learned quickly the essential elements of the diabetic history."

These reviews accompanied a Honors grade in her Internal Medicine rotation, one of the toughest in third year. That's exceptional, especially condering it was her first taste of clinical rotations after doing so well in the classroom years and we were doing a few small things outside of school at the time (oh, like, buying a HOUSE). Meagan, I'm so very, very proud of you, but can't say that I or anyone else that knows you is the least bit surprised. Keep up the great work. I love you!!


At 12:40 AM, Blogger EdnaPontellierProdigy said...

she is so amazing...

...rocks my socks off :)


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