November 26, 2008

I Know It's Only Selling Out, But I Like It

We interupt this complete lack of blogposts for exciting news!

Doing your holiday shopping online this year? I was contacted a few weeks ago by a website called BigFlySports and asked if I'd put in a few words about their site. At first I was skeptical, but it turns out that they've got a lot of unique gift ideas, including a ton of Vanderbilt merchandise. Seriously - if they can slap a pewter VU logo on something, they've got it available for purchase. But it's not just VU; they've got a ton of NCAA schools represented, as well as MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NASCAR. I was truly blown away that (a) they'd ask me to send something like this out to my tens and tens of readers and (b) that the site looked as professional as it does and has so much to offer.

You'll find all sorts of things, including (and believe me, there's far more than this):

Car Mats
Golf Equipment
and, of course,
Bar Supplies

OK, so here's where I come into the picture (what, you thought I was doing this for free?). Just for reading my blog, I can give you a code (VANDY208) that will give you free shipping on your purchase, something that may not be offered by other online retailers that have this kind of stuff, and (I won't hide) it makes my Christmas a shade greener, if you catch my meaning.

So, if you're buying a gift or ten for a sports nut, take a quick look at BigFlySports. And DON'T FORGET!! Once you make a purchase, pleasepleaseplease remember to thank yourself and myself by using the promo code VANDY208 and get your free shipping!


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