February 23, 2005

Odd day

Allow me to add my voice to the cry of the masses against the terror and annoyance that is bureaucracy. I have to renew my tags, but there's no way for me to do that without going through hundreds of miles of red tape to receive a duplicate title from TN. The morning was filled with phone calls to confused people in TN, then driving over to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles who told me that I could get a temp. permit with only my registration and driver's license. As it turns out, there's a rule there that states that I can't get a temp. permit with only my registration and driver's license. A monumental testament to how many people care about other people's time.

After work, though, I actually got to watch a VU game on the computer thanks to JP and the fine people at Yahoo! Sports Video. I even got to talk with a friend from school during the game, so it was easily one of the most enjoyable bball experiences this year. Well, it would've been if they'd won...

SEC Quick Wrap-Up

As you know from the last post, we're keeping an eye on UF, VU, USC, and MSU. UF came out the best, beating VU in a game that was close until they pulled away a small bit at the end. VU put up a strong defensive effort, but couldn't hold off three-point barrages from Walsh and Roberson. I thought we played very well, all in all, but couldn't pull one out on the road.

MSU and USC also had tough tasks on the road. MSU trailed most of the first half, but a late run put them up up 20 minutes and they held on to win in Athens. Not a blowout as it probably should've been, but a win's a win (and a road win at that). USC didn't fair as well, trailing 51-28 at the half. They came back in the second half, but 23 points is too large a deficit to come back from on the road (yes, even at UT), and the Vols pulled a huge (and beneficial for us) upset in the 7th Circle of Hell. I mean, Knoxville, sorry. Knoxville.

Anyway, that puts MSU at 7-6 in the conference, while VU and USC fall to 6-7, tied for fourth in the East and sixth overall in the conference. VU's and MSU's RPI shouldn't rise or fall too much, but I have a feeling USC may see a drop.

This Saturday, VU hosts UGa, hoping to get revenge on the loss on the road from earlier in the season. If they play as well as they have been, it should be a big win, and a much-needed statement game headed into a big week for the Dores, hosting USC (after the Cocks host UF on Saturday) and heading back on the road to face a red-hot LSU team. Consensus is that Vandy needs to win each of the remaining games, plus a couple in the tourney, to make the Dance. If Mario Moore can stay away from fouls better than he did tonight, that can be done, but it's going to take a lot of work, esp. in Baton Rouge.


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