April 20, 2005

Question my loyalty???

It has come to my attention that my loyalty to one Atlanta Braves baseball team has been questioned. To this, I say: :P

I still proudly wear my Braves cap whenever I can, especially to any poker games I can make. I've not given up hope on the season (as I understand that the season is a marathon and not a sprint), and will continue to support the team even if they somehow do not win the division.

My previous blog was in no way a dig against the entire team, merely against the general manager, whose job it is to put the right people on the field. I think that he made the wrong move, esp. considering that Marcus Giles gets injured whenever the wind blows over 6 mph. We could really use a good utility infielder, even as a backup, for those situations, but Mr. Schuerholz decided to let him go.

By way, Marcus Giles has 0 home runs in 29 at bats. Mark DeRosa has 1 in 5. Who's the better second baseman? Hmmmm....


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