September 17, 2005

This is NOT a jinx.

This blog entry is NOT talking about the Vanderbilt football game this afternoon. It's NOT even about the fact that Vanderbilt is actually favored to win against an SEC opponent after a 2-0 start with both wins on the road and both thanks to last minute drives to came from behind. Nope, cause that would jinx the team, and I know better than to do that.

The fact that with a win today over an Ole Miss team that struggled against Memphis, we'd move to 3-0 with a strong chance to go 5-0 (with games against 1-AA Richmond and Sun Belt's MTSU, both in Nashville)? Or even the fact that Jay Cutler (pre-season All-SEC first team selected by the coaches) could be entertaining Heisman hype with a win today? Nope, not about that either. This team will NOT be jinxed by me.

Maybe it's about the fact that I think Vandy will win today in easier fashion than most are picking now (VU 31-17). Maybe it's the fact that I think they'll be bowl eligible this year (need 6 wins to do it), or the fact that I think they'll do it by the end of Homecoming (that'll put 'em at 6-1 with a win over LSU or UGa). Maybe, but no. That's just CRAZY jinx.

So, wait -- what the hell is the blog about?

I'll tell you after the game. ;-)


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