October 03, 2006

Here we go. Sigh....

The last time I had little care about the play-offs was when I was 9. That was the season my parents and I visited family in Atlanta and went to a Braves game (the Padres ending up winning 4-3 despite being hit by the Braves). The next year, Bobby Cox led my team to an unprecented acheivement, not only going worst to first in the NL West, but starting a 14-year division championship streak, one that will not be matched as long as I'm alive (and no, I don't think the Yankees can get there, even if they're already at 9).

And yet, here we are, the first week in October and the Jones boys are watching the games from home. It's kind of depressing, though I'm admittedly a bit numb to the situation since it's been staring me in the face since July. It was a great streak while it lasted, and this year just means that it's time to start a new streak in '07!

And, as much as I know I'll rue this day, I have some nice, fat crow to eat. In March, high on life and Kingdom Hearts 2, I published this article in this very blog. I come to you, Mets fans, a broken man who has been proven wrong. For the next week, I'm keeping my comments open to anyone, even anonymous posters so that any Mets fans can bash my picks, and, ultimately, have the last laugh. Enjoy.


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