September 28, 2005

Dare to believe!

This I believe. Vanderbilt is going to win Saturday night by three touchdowns. I have a good feeling that the team is taking this game more seriously than the fans are, and the seniors on the team are looking for revenge, even if they didn't play in the game because they felt is was better to get drunk the night before and break a light pole in Area V/VI (thanks, Jay). Anyway, that's the difference -- 21 points. Feel free to anti-jinx as you like.

This I believe. The Atlanta Braves clinched the division too soon. Yes, I'm ecstatic that we won our 14th straight division title tonight, but let's not forget that that puts us in the playoffs as the two-seed (I highly doubt we'll over take the Cardinals for the one seed). That normally puts us against whomever comes out of the NL West, the division champ with the lowest record. This year, that's a team that's hovering right around .500, and a pretty good matchup be it the Padres or the Giants. However, if the Wild Card team is in the same division as the Cards, then we would play the Wild Card team and the Cards would play the .500 team. Right now, the Astros (in the Cards' division and the team that knocked Atlanta out last year) are leading the Wild Card, with the Phillies trailing by 2.5 games with 4.5 games left in the season. The rub is that we played the Phillies last week with a nice cushion already in the East. By beating the Phillies, we only strengthened the chances of playing the Astros rather than the Padres/Giants. Let's hope the Phillies can pull out the Wild Card this week, because I don't relish facing Clemens, Oswalt, and Petitte in a 5-game series.

Those two things I believe. Anti-jinx away.


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