July 11, 2006

Triathlons are moderately difficult: T-minus 18 Days

Yikes, three weeks to go, and I still feel like I haven't gotten anywhere on the run or had a good actual bike ride (though I kill on the stationaries and spin bikes). I haven't done much training, either, since last week as we've been moving and work is quickly becoming a bear.

However, I had a big breakthrough on Thursday, namely....


After our first training session, I was seriously concerned about the first leg, but now I feel much better about it. I've really found my stride with my breaststroke, which is what I mostly used. Even with that, I was able to swim it in 16 minutes! I was shocked by that, since breaststroke was never a strong stroke for me when I swam competitively and since it's supposed to be slower than freestyle. I think I was about 80/20 breaststroke/freestyle (with a quick backstroke break to keep the noggin above water for a little while). I'm really stoked about that, though now it probably means that I'll be passed a LOT on the bike and run (ha!) portions of the "race". Knowing I can finish, though, is 3/4 of the battle, and realizing that the swim is far from impossible is a great step to knowing that I can indeed do this.

Too bad moving is getting in the way of any other training. This past weekend was filled with running errands revolving around getting new carpet for the house, along with paint for the bathroom(s?) and other odds and ends to make the house feel a little more like home. We've got folks coming in this weekend to get the big push done, and hopefully get all of our furniture in place (both from our apartment as well as from the store) so that we can take smaller loads for the next couple weeks as well as cleaning the apartment to get it into move-out shape.

So, we've been keeping busy. Whatever happened to summer vacations?


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