December 21, 2005

Shameless self-promotion by promotion

You may notice a new link under those I claim to "Know and Love". That's right, it's my first link to someone I don't actually know in person. Brian Murphy writes an outstanding daily sports journal on called The Daily Quickie, which chronicles the previous day's events in the world of sports. We don't share the same opinions on a good many topics, and I'm envious about his having my dream job, but he's great writer, and I do my best to catch the site before I head to lunch.

In this morning's edition, he mentioned that he'd do something nice for those folks who posted a link to the Quickie on our blog, so here it is. Honestly, it doesn't even matter if it's just a mass-produced email; maybe this will get me back to blogging on sports (sorry, Laura). Who knows, maybe with this inspiration, my writing will get out of this box -- what'd'ya think, Brian? You can get me a guest column on Page 2, right?


At 2:10 PM, Blogger EdnaPontellierProdigy said...

what are you talking about?! i LOVE sports! just the other day while i was giving a presentation to a group of 3rd graders, a chicago cub came in to the room to sign autographs. and boy, i'll tell /you/ how excited i was!

i was so excited that after the principal told me who he was and why he was there (he did some speech on staying in school), and how excited she is that they're doing so well this year, i quietly commented that i didn't realize this was baseball season.


i'd better not let too many people know that, this sort of comment could get me killed in this town.

At 5:59 PM, Blogger EdnaPontellierProdigy said...

okay. so i'm even more of an idiot. it was a bear. a chicago bear came in. so, does the story make more sense now? as i was driving home with my sister all of a sudden i thought back to this comment and was like, "FUCK! i'm a bigger idiot than i had previously let on!"

so yeah. it was a bear, not a cub. so confused...


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