June 03, 2004

Where the Road Doesn't End

Lots of reambling thoughts tonight, don't ask me why, just seem like a time to do it -- had a busy day, and feel like ranting on a lot of things, I guess. :)

Go see PLeasantville. It's easily one of the most under-rated movies of all time, has a great cast, including William H. Macy and Jeff Daniels.

Autochthonous. Try spelling that in front of hundreds of people in the room and millions more watching LIVE on television with $12,000 cash hanging in the balance. Well done, David! Could you please spell-check my blog now?

Larry King had a former news anchor on last night that apparently is announcing that she has a fused hand and feet deforemity (much like Tammy Faye Messner came out that she had a lung disorder on the same show). I felt really bad for her struggle, until she started talking about how she wore gloves during shows -- she said it made her feel "fake." I don't think I would've minded so much if her lips hadn't been so collagen-inflated -- she was practically kissing him without leaning over!!

The word "quickness" bothers me. It's not a word. The word is "speed". Perhaps even agility. Same for "aggresiveness." It's aggression!! Why can't sports writers ind the roots of words instead of making up new ones?? Why is that that _I_ have to break the mold of bad grammar? (That's a big hint, hiring newspapers in Indianapolis! I'm looking for a job! Give me a call!).

Braves report -- we're on an odd kick, winning a game, losing a game, over and over, now only 2.5 games back of Florida. Mark DeRosa's at .221, which will be .250 by the break, I'm sure :) Shout out to Nick Green, who's having a hell of a rookee year with 2 homers in the past week.

O'Neill out. Really, watch Case Closed on adult swim (11:30 Central).