May 29, 2004

Ok, my bad

So VU's coach is TIM Corbin. My bad. Whatever his first name is, it's about the CHAMPION Coach Corbin after their 12-inning semi-final win in the SEC Tourney!! Final is Sunday, and, of course, I'm working, but the live stat-o-rama or whaever they call it will be running non-stop. They'll play South Carolina, who beat Arkansas (the #1 seed) twice on the way to the final. Pitching and Defense wins championships, though, and no one in the SEC's better than the Dores -- VU wins by 4.

More props to VU!! Jovan Hayes and Justin Geisinger were named All-Americans this week by Athlon sports. All-SEC nods were also awarded to Erik Davis, Jay Cutler, Kwame Doster and Moses Osemwegie. This season may be the season the team gets some notice along with the players -- Year Three of Bobby Johnson should be a great one!

I'd also like to point out that Mark DeRosa has extended his hitting streak to eight games! That's only forty-eight games away from the record! Braves won 9-4 tonight, bringing them back to .500 (yes, again), still just 4.5 back, and in third place at last in front of the Mets again!

Indy 500 is tomorrow -- a strong tradition based in a city I'm about to move to. Apparently the town's all abuzz with race fever -- maybe that's why no one's responding to my resume....

Here's what I don't get -- they've apparently asked Jessica Simpson to sing the National Anthem. What?? Who's idea was this? And haven't they heard "Take My Breath Away?" That's a fairly simple song to sing, and she absolutely butchers it!! Why did they do this?? They don't need the notoriety -- it's got enough tradition with the milk and all, and this is a stunt they don't need ot pull. Oh, wait -- it's on ABC, home of the Nick and Jessica Comedy Hour. I have a bad feeling that the comedy Jessica's gonna succeed at will be on the track and not on stage.

I'd gloat on my predicting the West's Game 5, but apparently, everyone else did, too, so I'll say it now. Monday, T-Wolves by 8.

And Applebee's is now using a Toby Keith song spoof as their summer jingle. Thank God! This time they're choosing to ruin a song I already hate.

That's all I've got -- catch The Brak Show tomorrow night on adult swim!!

May 28, 2004

Sports Rant!

The Lakers are on a roll. There, I said it -- after resisiting all year, I said it. I don't think they're a lock yet to win it all, but with the way they've played the past couple nights, Minnesota's got to get much more aggresive. They ought to win Game 5, where the calls have been MUCH better (on both sides), but winning Game 6 at L.A. is not going to be easy.

That said, I still think Minnesota wins it. Sure, I'm being stubborn, but Kevin Garnett has answered the bell every time the media rings it. They'll win Game 5 at home, then eek by in Game 6 by less than 5. Garnett will step up in Game 7, much like he did against Sacromento.

Baseball! Can we PLEASE lay off the doom and gloom for the Braves? Yes, they're right at .500; ok, they're in third place in the division -- big deal. We're only a third of the way into the season and have yet to lock into a set line-up (though the lineup from Thursday seems to to be the best, save the injury to Marcus Giles. Granted, this is said from a longtime fan, but after 12 straight division titles, I've learned not to doubt Bobby Cox. Also, Mark DeRosa's on a seven game hitting streak! Keep it up, Mark!

Also, how bout them Dores! They're currently in the driver's seat, 2-0 in the double elimination tournament, with a bye this afternoon, playing the winner of the UGa/UF game, both of whom they've shut out al ready in the tournament. Not too shabby considering this is only their second tourney in appearance in 8 years. Somebody give Coach Jeff Corbin a raise!

Think I'm off base? Care to disagree? Just plain think i'm an idiot? Post a comment!!

May 27, 2004

And away we go!

Yeah, I know, I'm following the trend -- but there's too many thoughts to keep quiet! I'm also looking for a job, and this is probably a good way to get the word out (so, if you know any IT folks hiring in Indy, give them my email address!!). Actually, it's a piss-poor way to do that, but at least I can talk about sports this way.

I also want to keep up with everyone that I've lost conatact with, high school and college alike. I'll try to keep this as inside joke-free as possible (though, admittedly, that's an inside joke in itself), and want everyone's opinion on things, be it sports or just other random questions. I might even subject you to poetry!! At the very least, post a comment or shoot me an email and tell me what you're up to!

So, bookmark the page or check in every now and then -- provide some feedback, questions comments, death threats, what-have-you.

Come back soon, and check out Case Closed on adult swim.